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Burial Service Options

There are many service options to consider when burial is chosen, depending on your family’s wishes for visitation, ceremony or celebration of life. The body may be buried after a visitation and/or service, before a memorial service, or shortly after death.

Visitation and Service or

Celebration of Life on Two

Separate Days



Holding a Visitation and Service allows for you to invite your community to support you in a difficult time. This option allows you plenty of time for friends and relatives to gather. The visitation and service may be held at our facility or place of worship of your choice.

Visitation and/or Service or

Celebration of Life

on One Day



Sometimes it may make more sense to hold a Visitation and Service on one day, with the visitation leading into the service time. Or you may wish to simply have a service, with no visitation time, or to have a visitation with no formal service.

Private Family Goodbye

Graveside Service



It is always helpful to allow time for your family to say goodbye. This includes a small gathering for immediate family at the funeral home, prior to a Graveside Service.