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Create & Save Your Online Cremation Plan

What is Cremation?

Cremation is the process of using highintensity heat to reduce the body to bone fragments which are then processed into a granular consistency for burial, scattering, placement in a columbarium/niche or kept in the home.

(click here to see our Glossary of Terms for more information)

Cremation Service and Ceremony Options

When selecting cremation, there are a number of service and ceremony options for you to consider as your craft your funeral plan. This is a very personal choice which can range from a full-service funeral with visitation taking place prior to a contemporary or religious ceremony followed by a reception afterwards to an elaborate Celebration of Life with food, music, and drinks to a no service, direct disposition where your body is cremated and the ashes returned to your family in a temporary cardboard box. Incorporating video, music, food, mementos, readings, and choosing the location of the funeral events are all part of selecting the services which are right for you.


Caskets, Containers and Rentals

Selecting the type of container is an important part of your funeral plan. Perhaps you would like to rent a casket for your visitation and ceremony to be followed by the interior box being used for your cremation or you may choose to select any one of the many wood-based caskets ranging from a solid mahogany casket to a particleboard or cardboard box.

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Urns, Keepsakes and Jewellery

Once your body has been cremated, you will need to select the urn. Urns come in a variety of materials, shapes, and designs. Selecting an urn may involve splitting the cremated remains so a number of family members may receive a small portion, typically in a small, keepsake urn. If you do not select a permanent urn, your cremated remains will be returned to your family in a temporary plastic or cardboard urn.

Receptions, Gatherings and Party Options

Use your imagination when selecting the venue for your service and reception! Maybe you want to stay at the reception facility provided by your funeral provider. Other options are the golf club, your local church or hotels, that already have experience hosting receptions and parties.

Click here to see our blog on Creating a Celebration of Life or Memorial Service for details to consider when selecting the venue that is right for you.


Reception Menu’s

Sharing food and drink can be an important part of your funeral celebration, gathering or party. Would you like a fully catered, sit-down meal with wine, or maybe a sandwich tray with desserts? The food and alcohol choices are limited by only your wishes and imagination.

Stationery and Flowers

Personalize your funeral plan from a large selection of flowers and stationery options.  Many of the stationery packages can be customized using a number of themes, designs, and colors. Your stationery package also may include bookmarks, candles, thank you cards, memory cards, and guest books. Floral arrangements come in a host of flower types, colors and designs to be included in your funeral event.

Your Music Selections

You may like to have some of your favorite music played during the service, visitation, or reception. From gospel to rock, country to hip hop, and all tastes in between, music helps make your cremation service personal to you.

Once you have decided to start building your cremation funeral plan, you will see a category bar along the top of your screen. There are “Required Selections” that must be completed, as well as “Optional Selections” for you to select from. You will not be able to finalize your cremation funeral plan until the “Required Selections” have been made. You may move between icons depending upon your interests at any time. Once you have selected a service or product from the category, a green checkmark will appear in the circle indicating that the selection is now included in your cremation funeral plan and will appear in your cart later in the arrangement process.

After selecting the services and products for your cremation funeral plan, begin the submission process by clicking “View Plan.” Next, save your cremation funeral plan to your profile where you will have the option of selecting up to three funeral providers of your choice to receive more information or simply save the information in your profile.