Bereavement Program

People who experience loss have both expected and unexpected reactions. Reactions can be a combination of emotional, cognitive, and behavioural/physical. These reactions may come and go and are completely necessary for a while until they begin to interfere your day-to-day. Some common examples are:

– Sadness and sorrow
– Anger
– Despair
– Anxiety
– Ambivalence

– Confusion and disbelief
– Decrease in concentration
– Inability to make decisions
– Crisis of faith
– Existential confusion

– Sleep and eating disturbances
– Crying
– Social withdrawal
– Uncharacteristic increases and decreases in activity
– Heart palpitations

Should these problems overwhelm, you might benefit from talking to someone. At Cardinal Funeral Homes we offer complementary bereavement support, not only to our own bereaved families but to anyone in the community. We understand that the loss of someone can extend beyond the immediate family and we want to make sure that everyone is able to access our resources.

Phyllis Russell

Phyllis Russell

Bereavement Coordinator


Tel: 416.762.3478